call to arms

Yesterday marks the anniversary of the "shot that was heard around the world."

It was, in fact, the shot that led to the American Revolution

I remember the first time I took a walk on the Battle Green at the center of town. 

I was struck by the words attributed to Captain Parker on that fateful day:

"Stand Your Ground

Don't Fire unless Fired upon

But if they mean to have a War

Let it begin here."

I imagined the men and women of that day.

I imagined their fear.

I imagined their courage.

But mostly, 

I imagined the presence of mind required for Captain Parker to conjure those poignant words; a call to arms, if you will.

I was struck by the power and simplicity of his words.

He called equally for restraint and calm as for fortitude and resolve.

And as I looked at the field that marked this hallowed ground, I could feel the somberness of that day.

It was not a day of celebration.

It was a day of almost reluctant reckoning.

And it brings to mind the overwhelming issues and problems of the world that continue to require reckoning and a "standing of ground."

These problems we face...they can appear vast and complex and seemingly insurmountable.

And yet...

I wonder.

Perhaps it is time...

and perhaps the time has come

for a new call to arms...

one without weapons and words and war.

A call to arms...

that requires an opening of the mind to allow for a new understanding of the psychology of mind.


when we begin to truly understand and appreciate...

our innocent mis-understanding, mis-use and mis-direction of mind...

when we begin to truly understand and appreciate...

the inside-out nature of our world - the fact that our reality is first and foremost created within our minds through personal thought...

when we begin to truly understand and appreciate...

the role that moods andstates of mind play in our thinking and doing and being...

then we have hope...

and we have the space needed to allow for

new possibility

new clarity

new insight

and a new way of thinking and doing and being.

And when we truly understand and appreciate all of that...we gain the ability to look in a new direction for not only the solution but also the problem. 


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Lana Bastianutti