mirror, mirror on the wall

I'm switching things up.

From this week forward, I am going to post my blogs on Wednesday.  I suppose I shall call it my Wednesday Weekly Wonderings and Writings (just to keep the alliteration going...:)

In the meantime...to accommodate my regularly scheduled Monday Morning Musing, my youngest daughter, has granted me permission to post an excerpt from one of her stories that beautifully aligns with my own weekly posts.

Without further adieu...enjoy an exclusive glimpse of the teenage mind in all of its glory.

The other day I noticed a mysterious creature reflected in the mirror. 

It waved and so I asked, "What do I call you?"

It responded,

"I have many names;

your reflection,

your ego,

your dreams,

your regrets,

your secrets,

your wants.

Right now I am your wants.

What do you want?"

"I want to know if I'm awake. If this is an illusion or trick. If this is real?" I replied.

It smiled back and said, 

"Oh, I am real."

"It only seems like an illusion because you are experiencing a moment of confusion within your mind.

The best way to clear things up in your mind is to return to the basics.

And so I ask you again, what do you want right now?"

"Is this confidential?" I asked.

"Of course,"the creature smiled.

"It is just you and me."

"How do I ask you things?"

"You ask me things naturally.

Don't overthink.

Trust that I know what you mean because I know you.

The contents of your mind are confusing you right now.

I am here to help."

"Can you make things happen - like a dodo bird come back from extinction? Or the sun rise earlier?" I asked tentatively.

"No," it replied.

I cannot affect the external world.

I am here to help with your internal world.

Your mind.

Once you've sorted that out, you can affect the external world and make your dreams a reality."

"I want to have a good day at school today," I stammered.

"I'll tell you a secret," the creature replied.

"That's up to you.

You can make the day anything you want.

Your thoughts and your reaction to the external world make the difference between having fun and being bored out of your mind.

It's always been up to you."


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