The coaching that I did with Lana was truly invaluable. This unforgettable journey was instrumental in helping me discover who I truly am. With Lana’s guidance I was able to find my way out of the dark and confusing place into one that is much clearer and brighter. The life I am leading now is a definite result of our work together.
— Fran Kelly | Montreal, QC
Lana’s coaching style leaves me feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on my life every time she coaches me. The best way I can describe it is that during our session, she helps me release the pain I’m feeling with my thinking, so I can approach my life with clarity. That’s priceless!
— Kasia Pytowska | Atlanta, GA
Be ready. When working with Lana you will find that she has killer instincts. In the muddle of what is going on in your story, Lana masterfully pulls out, sometimes from seemingly benign information, big significant truth. Lana’s ability to integrate relevant information she has noted has greatly impacted the depth and outcome of the work I have been able to do with her. One word: Brilliant.
The hour I spent with Lana was the most valuable time I’ve spent in as long as I can remember. I immediately felt at ease with her. Within a half hour she had helped me uncover an ingrained behavior that has been holding me back. She gets right to the core in a gentle guiding way. She is patient and skilled and joyful. I’m certain that working with her as a coach could lead me to embrace life as I truly am.
— Melissa Raskin | Boston, MA
When I started working with Lana, I was wrestling with a personal challenge that left me feeling stuck and frustrated for a long time. Lana’s enthusiasm, humor and compassion immediately put me at ease. I felt safe to “let  it all hang out” - and I’m so glad I did. In less than 30 minutes, Lana completely turned me around. She helped me discover new ways of seeing my situation that completely relieved me of the burden I’d been feeling for months - and left me feeling empowered to boot. I feel so grateful to have such a skilled, wise and amazing coach in my corner.
— Cindy Warden | Glendale, CA
When I met Lana, I was undergoing a major life transition. I felt overwhelmed, unhappy and helpless. Then came Lana.  She taught me techniques that have liberated me and are allowing me to live a happy, more fulfilling life. Through working with Lana, I have grown and changed in ways I never thought possible. The key to being happy was within me all along. I just needed some guidance to unlock/unblock this. Working with Lana has truly changed my life and I cannot thank her enough for everything that she has given me.
— Sarah Murphy | Montreal, QC
Lana helped me unlock emotional barriers which had long caused me anxiety and stress. With her patient humorous and caring demanour, Lana assisted me in discovering the power of my thoughts and in creating a personal plan to help me garner incredible success in a Master’s program which I had previously been struggling with. Most of all, Lana brought a sense of freedom back into my life. I now feel confident that I possess within me all that I need to succeed professionally. Fear will no longer hold me back!
— Taylor Hammond | Toronto, ON
Lana is intuitive, insightful and genuinely committed to supporting her clients. She is a talented and enthusiastic coach who will help you step into the life you truly want to live. In our very first session she helped me gain tremendous insight into some issues I had been struggling with for years. I highly recommend her if you’re seeking an authentic transformation and would like to have fun along the way. She really knows how to zero in on the areas that are holding you back from having the life you want. You would be blessed to have her on your team. She is a gem.
— Suzanne Hansen | Portland, OR
Lana has helped me understand where I put up my own roadblocks to my success. She has helped guide me to a place where I can go deeper on my issues and feel calm and ready to do so. Her insights and ability to really listen to me have been so helpful for me to begin to achieve the goals I’ve set for myself. Thank you!
— Kate Allen | Round Hill, VA
When I came to Lana for coaching, I was feeling tremendously stuck and overwhelmed. Lana helped me see many of the beliefs that kept me frozen and terrified, and gently worked with me to figure out how to get started on the things that were overwhelming me.  Lana offered me a mix of compassion and insight that was exactly what I needed. I recommend her coaching service to anyone looking to reach past their fears and challenges to realize success.
— Andrea Cassola | Arlington, MA
I always enjoy my coaching sessions with Lana. She creates such a warm environment where you feel comfortable discussing whatever is going on in your life. Her witty sense of humor helps to lighten the conversation and allows you to have fun in the process. She has an innate ability to really zero in on what the true issue is and she helps to peel back the layers in a loving and compassionate way. She has helped me to identify what was really holding me back and gave me a new perspective on my situation. Thank you Lana!
— Jessica Farrulla | Rocklin, CA
After each session with Lana, I felt lighter and more clear. Each week I was left with an action plan that enabled me to attain our discussed goals. She went above and beyond and checked in with me in between sessions if she felt it was what I needed. Lana is incredibly insightful, perceptive, empathetic and bright. I have no doubt that anyone who coaches with her will benefit in ways that will exceed their expectations!
— Lorri Frankel | Montreal, QC
Lana gracefully, patiently and respectfully illuminated my blindspots. She engaged me with her clarity and “broke it down” so that I could focus on what was important, not all the drama and clutter that I allowed to distract me. I found myself completely rejuvenated and inspired after our work together. I experienced a total shift, a transformation in my thoughts about my life, and thus, in how I live my life. Lana gifted me the freedom of full responsibility for my life, in ways deeper than I had ever imagined. Thank you thank you thank you Lana. You are living your life powerfully and making a beautiful and profound difference in this world.
— Rachel B. | New York, NY
Coaching with Lana is like talking with a wise old village elder (only she’s not old!) Her intuition is spot on. Her words are soothing and loving, and her coaching skills are amazing: she is always able to hone right in and help me see where I am holding myself back. And her sense of humor made each session fun! Work with Lana only if you want to stop getting in your own way and get amazing results in your life.
— Joyce Linder | Salt Lake City, UT
I ALWAYS looked forward to my coaching sessions with Lana. She has a comforting presence, like a good friend, but not the friend that agrees with everything you say. Lana is the one that is supportive, yet calls you on your “stuff.” She delivers this backed with a vast array of knowledge and a great sense of humor.
— Connie Haley | Nashville, TN
In only three sessions with Lana, I was able to delve more deeply and effectively into some of the things keeping me stuck, than I have in years of therapy. It was remarkable and impressive and inspiring. Lana will be the first person I phone when I need to break through my next barriers to happiness and success.
— Dr. H.M. | Kingston, ON
During my coaching session with Lana, I gained new perspective and insight on myself. This was the first session I have done with Lana and right away she was interested, engaged and deeply involved with my story and helping me see it, reflect on it, and ask myself deep questions. I gained clarity around who I am and what I am aiming for in my life’s journey with the sense-making Lana offered. She kindly disrupted my senses and supported me in seeing my Self in a way I hadn’t before. Her kindness and authenticity contributed to creating a container of openness to explore the elements I am facing.
— Sarah Hodgkin | Ottawa, ON
Today’s session was...priceless. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
— Patricia Cimino | Chicago, IL