Has insecurity and self-doubt held you back from doing the things you want in life? Has a fear of criticism and second-guessing of yourself prevented you from showing up as the smart, capable, formidable woman you know yourself to be?

Most women I know have struggled with some form of self-doubt or insecurity in their lives. And it can be painful. And frustrating. And exhausting.

I know, because for many years I struggled with insecurity and it held me back in so many ways.

Like you, I may have appeared confident and even felt it at times...but it never seemed to last and I tended to feel like there was a lot more ‘faking it’ rather than ‘making it’.

Like you, I may have accomplished many things in both my personal and professional life...but they never seemed to lessen my insecurity.

Like you, I may have diminished my light, my ideas, my boldness, my creativity...because my fear of criticism and judgement and failure seemed much stronger than the light inside (little did I know).

And, like you...I found myself living a life limited in scope and vision...all because I had unwittingly believed that my insecurity was more powerful than my untapped creative potential.

It was only when I learned that everything I thought I knew about confidence and insecurity was based on a misunderstanding, that everything changed for me.

This misunderstanding was the key to unleashing the confidence that naturally resides within all of us.

Can you imagine what life could be like without your insecurity, self-doubt and second-guessing?

Can you imagine how your world would change?

Can you imagine how you could change the world?

I can.