Here Comes the Sun


I recently had a discussion with a friend. 

He believes that people can't change.

I believe they can and are capable of transforming their lives over and over again. 

I've seen it happen within my own life and the lives of countless others. 

When I find myself in doubt, I look to the simple lessons revealed in nature; the tree that seeks the sun to become its' strongest self - bending, twisting and turning all in an effort to propel itself ever upward, no matter the obstacle.

Small children transform every day. Watch as they test their boundaries and abilities; trying on different roles and personas, naturally seeking their strongest and most alive self. 

And what of us? 

Shall we continue to transform and grow ourselves ever upward toward our highest version feeling fully alive and full of life?

Or shall we remain where we are, living our own personal 'ground hog' day, failing to see the sun that urges our growth?

It seems a simple choice, non?






Lana Bastianutti