Eye Spy with My Little Eye

The Eyes Say it All
The Eyes Say it All

Have you ever noticed that we tend to see what we want to see? 

A few years ago, I had an “incident” with my car in our driveway.  In my defense, I had completely forgotten about the new low stone wall we had installed. 

Suffice it to say, I reversed right into the wall. 

My kids and I quickly jumped out of the car praying that there was no damage.  After a thorough investigation, we were relieved to find absolutely NO damage to the car.  Phew! 

It therefore came as a complete shock when  my husband asked,   “What happened to the car?” immediately upon his arrival home.  Gulp. 

Sure enough as we all stumbled out to investigate, we discovered  a big dent on the lower back end of the bumper.  How could we have missed it? 

Easy.  We didn’t want to see it.  And so, we didn’t. 

This concept can easily translate to other parts of our life.   

Particularly when we are wallowing in our misery. 

We see what we want to see. 

Sometimes we get so caught up in our story that we fail to see reality.  Or we fail to see other options. 

Was that person really rude to us because they hate us?  Or...is it possible that they were having a tough day and were not really aware of how they were acting? 

The stories we tell ourselves often fit our beliefs about the world.  

If we see the world as dog-eat-dog - that is what we will find.

If we see the world as giving and loving - that is also what we will find. 

What do you see?   

How could you see? 

And, what  would it mean for your life? 

Lana Bastianutti