Air and Ice

How our thoughts become ice

Photo courtesy of Stephen Di Donato

Photo courtesy of Stephen Di Donato

Thought is like air; intangible and formless and free flowing.

It is a creative energy that moves through our minds continuously.

We don’t always see thought this way, however.

Thought can seem heavy and real and very very tangible.

Much like air can turn to ice, so too can thought, metaphorically.

When thought turns to ice, in our minds, we no longer experience the free flowing energy. Rather, we experience a slow building icewall that gathers in form as it whittles away at the possibility of our lives.

In such moments, thought no longer appears formless. It seems fully formed and imposing; it can literally take our breath away.

But it only takes one breath to restore air to lungs, and it only takes one thought to restore clarity to minds.

And with such a breath,

and such a thought,

the ice walls evaporate and we are free once again to realize,

Thought is like is formless and intangible and free flowing.



Lana Bastianutti