Off to the nunnery

even when we escape in fantasy, we take this one thing with us

(updated and revised version)

(updated and revised version)

I've often thought how peaceful life would be if I were to live in a nunnery.

Frankly there are times when I humorously consider such an escape to be my 'back up plan'.

I imagine life would be simple and quiet.

My mind would slow down and settle eager to embrace a meditative kind of rhythm.

I would be free of the day-to-day worries and hassles basking in the glow of candles and solitude.

The world around me would continue to spin but I would no longer be spun.

Begone are the traffic jams, family squabbles, politics, dirty dishes, obligations, meal preparation and the multitude of other 'things' that can make life messy.

I would be beyond all of that.

I would be out of reach; safe and separated.



Not so fast.

I just remembered something.

When asked about the logistics of his meditative routine during an interview, buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh responded, "I am meditating now."

Darn it.

If he is saying what I think he is saying...and I think he is, in fact, saying what I think he is saying...then my whole 'plan B fantasy Island' getaway escape is all for naught!!!!

Begrudgingly, I concede that despite my best efforts to sequester myself from the busy-ness of the world at my heaven-sent nunnery...I would left with the busy-ness of my thoughts.

Ah yes, thought...that cacophony of whirling dervishes that seem to come out of no where determined to unwind, unbalance and undo me at times.

And I realize once again that our thoughts are something we cannot escape, hide or run away from.

They are just always always...there.

Appearing and disappearing in our mind...of their own volition...and completely, frustratingly out of our control.

And I recall once again that it is our thoughts that give meaning to our circumstances...whether it is in a nunnery or a bustling family filled with all the emotions of an episode of "Fantasy Island." (remember that classic?)

And truth be told...if given the choice, I would pick my messy wonderful life filled with its ups and downs and round abouts each and every time.

And besides...thoughts will always come and go.

They are not static.

It is not in their nature to be so.

I just need to trust without trying to control; allow the flow to come and go.

No need for Plan B.

Addendum: Upon reflection I realize that I have a few not-so welcome thoughts about my nunnery fantasy. Namely, it comes with a lot of gardening and really early mornings...two things that I am not so good at. And what is the bathroom situation like? Can I bring my own pillow? 


See what I mean about our thoughts?

Lana Bastianutti