dig deep


Come on.

You can do this.

Dig deep!

The language we use to inspire greatness in ourselves or others often provides clues to a deeper truth.

Such words are used to summon an ability within to

rise to any challenge,

endure any hardship,

overcome any adversity.

Dig Deep.

Calls upon the grit and greatness within to stir with a resounding roar.

Dig Deep.

Acts to recalibrate our starting point just as we were a hair's breath away from giving up and giving in.

Dig Deep.

Summons a return to self...

an inward retreat...

to draw forth 

from our depths


so that we may come through to the other side.

Dig deep.

Stakes an unequivocal claim that it is always within us to survive the unsurvivable and endure the unendurable.

Dig deep.

Rise up.


Ever onward.

Ever inward.

Ever outward.

Ever and ever and ever.

"Promise me you'll always remember...

you're braver than you believe,

stronger than you seem,


smarter than you think."

- Winnie The Pooh

Lana Bastianutti