the undeniable lightness of being

It seems

that not a day goes by, of late, where we are not bombarded with heartbreaking headlines.

Whether it is of bombings or shootings, natural disasters or scandals, economic and political upheaval or Brexits.

It seems

like there is a near constant barrage of crisis after crisis; each compounding the other.

It seems

like we are weighted down with the seriousness of our situation in the world; existing in a state of near constant anxiety and fear.

And when we become overwhelmed with disaster upon disaster,

it is easy - oh so very easy -

to find nothing redeemable in the world.

We become wary and worn with worries.

We become cynical and savage

wrestling with the philosophical notions of man's true nature as posited by the opposing views of Hobbes and Rousseau, back in the day.

We wonder if we have become walking disasters within striking distance of our own demise.

We look around in this state of despair and wonder at a world where there is seemingly

nothing good

nothing loving

nothing sacred

nothing humane.

We despair at the pain and suffering and intolerance and violence.

We become hostage to the images projected on our screens. 

We become paralyzed

by the actions of some over many

by the greed of some over many

by the tyranny of some over many

by the prejudice of some over many

by the ignorance of some over many

and by the deliberate and calculated attempt by some to instill fear over many.

And we shake our heads in a stupor of helplessness unable to see a way out.

Unable to see any light in the dark.

And is there.

Like a lighthouse in the storm.

It is present.

Ever ready to guide us to safety.

Ever ready to give balance to the dark.

So look to the light in your life.

Look to the light within yourself.

It comes in many forms...

A touch.

A smile.

A voice.

A laugh.

A helping hand.

A kind word.

An open mind.

A welcome heart.

Light the path for yourself

as you do for others.

There is no need to BE the lighthouse.

 You ARE the lighthouse.

Shine on.


To remind you of the light you hold within:

Lana Bastianutti