the world is watching

what we need to do now that the election is over

Well, we made it.

I think.

After one of the most contentious, drawn out, exhausting, divisive, nail-biting election seasons in recent memory, here we sit...

the day after the 2016 U.S. Presidential election.

The world is watching.

Perhaps now more than ever.

They are watching to see

what we do

how we react

what the fallout will be

how we bring the country back together.

As of this writing, I have no idea who won the election.

I am writing the day before the outcome.

And so, 

my attention is focused solely on its' matter the result.

My attention is focused solely on healing what has been hurt in this process.

In so doing, I find myself reflecting on the many times, both professionally and personally, that I found myself caught in the middle of a dispute between two parties. 

In each case, it struck me as ironic that each party failed to see or acknowledge what the other was saying - so busy were they declaring their own grievances and issues.

As it turned out,

as it so often does...

each party desired the same things...on a deeper level.

They sought to be





and appreciated.

In their efforts to be heard,


each failed to listen.

As a result, the divide between the two widened and their resentment, anger and fear grew. 

It was only ever upon pointing out their common ground...their mutual needs...that a reconciliation could be considered.

It was only then, that calmer heads could prevail.

In the case of this election 

we too are faced with a great divide.

There is a palpable anger, fear and resentment present on all sides.

This must be addressed if we are to move forward as a nation built upon the principles of strength and character and hope.

It cannot, however, be addressed in our current state of fear and anger.

Fear merely begets more fear.

Anger, when unchecked, begets rage.

What is required is a return to calm.

What is required is a willingness to listen with openness and clarity.

What is required is a desire to understand and acknowledge the deeper needs being expressed.

What is required,


above all else,

is a return to






for our fellow man, woman and child.

As with any family experiencing turmoil...there is a time to come together; a time to heal wounds and mend fences.

That time has come for this family as well.

At our core, we hold sacred the principles of











Let us find our common ground. 

Let us seek solace in these principles...for this is who we are at our core and in our hearts.

This is who we are as a nation.

It is time to represent.

It is time to remind the world,

the world that is watching,

who we are and what we hold true and dear.

I leave you now with the words of a man who soothed the souls of many during their darkest hours:

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak, it’s also what it takes to sit down and listen.” - Winston Churchill
Lana Bastianutti