Finding inspiration

The energy of words


I’ve been finding inspiration in all sorts of wonderful places these days. Some…the best ones, in fact, right before my eyes.

A couple of weeks ago, my daughter shared a poem she had written and I could literally feel the energy coming off the page. See if you don’t find the same thing and wonder at the power of words and imagery transferred from the mind to paper and back again.

Also, watch this space…I have a few exciting interviews coming up in which we discuss all things confidence!

Catch it!

A match is lit!


Follow that spark!

Chase it with hungry eyes:

The nightlight in the dark.

Hold it selfishly,

Like all of those before you.

Seldom yield it

Forever feel it

As the world rocks and sways,

Tipping and tumbling about you

In ways one cannot predict.

Make it your center,

Your core,

Your focus,

The promise pressed between trembling lips

The first step over the yawning abyss.

Your goal,

Your dream,

The sun rising from nights grasping hands

The sparkle in your eyes.

Let the warmth embolden you

Thaw out all frozen words stuck in your chest.

This is your one life,

Your ticket out of Before

Your throne in a world that is yours

Your sword in the stone.

Take it up with breath

And exhale your kind, valiant yell of joy!

Share your light,

But do not yield it,

Forever feel it

Share kindly, not resentfully.

This is your one light,

Your one match

Catch it with loving hands.

Lana Bastianutti