shadow dancing

We all have shadows...

or should I say, shadow selves.

The parts within we try to control

and conceal

and deny.

The parts that may not be so pretty

or accommodating

or tempered

or kind

or sincere

or generous

or loving.

They reside within


biding their time -

ready to emerge

at the whisper of a thought

or a feeling.

They are our shadow selves.

Always present

but not always seen.

Full of fire and ice,

our shadow selves

provide a nuanced and powerful

texture to our very human experience.

One that may reveal a depth

and perspective 

that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Our shadow selves

like to play

and strut

and dance

and duel 

and merge

with our lighter side.

Ruled by thoughts and moods and feelings - 

each side

serves its own purpose...

carries its own lessons...

fulfills its own desires.

Our shadow self and our lighter side


within and with

each other -


creating a



fantastically confounding,

joyous tragedy



called life.


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Lana Bastianutti