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When I was nine years old I began Highland Dancing.

It mattered not that I was the kid with the decidedly non-Scottishsurname. 

My neighbor danced and so...I did too.

I remember our teacher Susan.

Poor Susan.

She always appeared to be flabbergasted by our pathetic half-hearted attempts at imitation.

It was quickly apparent that few of us practiced let alone remembered our steps from week to week.

We just bumbled along and endured her concerted efforts to scream the steps into our memory.

And then it happened.

I saw Laura dance. 

She was all pointed toes, extended legs and precise movements.

She displayed a level of confidence and grace that belied her age...

and beyond that...

she had a full length wall to wall mirror in her basement...all the better to reflect those perfect points and positions.

Upon seeing Laura, I made a decision.

I wanted to dance like that.

I wanted to move like that.

I wanted to gain her level of mastery.

Everything changed once I made thatdecision.

From that moment on, I took dance seriously.

I practiced at every opportunity.

I visualized the intricate footwork as I lay down to sleep.

I even let my fingers 'do the walking' as they simulated dance steps whilst my feet were otherwise engaged.

Slowly I got better and better. 

My toes now pointed, my legs extended and my movements were precise.

When I think back to that time, I realize that my decision created new possibility.

Once the possibility was available to me...

I could imagineit.

Once I could imagine it...

I could believe it...

Once I could believe it...

I could claim it...

And once I could claim it...

I could put forth theeffort necessary to gain mastery.

Thiswas a big lesson for me...and remains true in everything I do.

It is only when I decide that something is possible that I can create that something

I have to imagine the possibility for myself first


I decide.

I believe.

I claim.

I create.

There is a flow. 

A natural easy graceful flow.

Much like a Highland Fling.


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* dedicated to my fellow dancers and car pool buddies, Janet and Alex. And to Maria, my neighbor and friend who started the whole thing. 

Lana Bastianutti