Manic Mondays


Ella, the Family Dog

I learned a great lesson from my dog. 

It has to do with energy. 

And how it can influence those around you. 

Never having had a dog before, I was a bit nervous the first time I walked ours alone and encountered another big dog. 

As the two dogs approached each other with eagerness and wagging tails, I suddenly felt a wave of fear rush through me – down my arm and through the hand that held the leash. 

Suddenly my eager and excited young dog metamorphisized into a fiercely protective mother tiger!!! 

Yikes!  Did I cause that? 

Keep in mind that our 60 lb labradoodle is basically a scaredy cat; she once pretended she couldn't see, let alone, smell a rather large group of wild turkeys  10 feet away...she was, afterall, outnumbered. 

With that first disastrous encounter, I began to notice my energy and emotions on subsequent walks. 

When I was calm, controlled and relaxed, my dog followed suit.  When I was fearful  or nervous – I witnessed the return of the Tiger! 

What does this have to do with anything? 

Well…kinda everything. 

The next time you’re experiencing a manic Monday…check in with yourself.  Take a breath and decide what energy you want to exude – stressed or calm?  It’s up to you, no matter the circumstances.   

Not convinced?   

Ever found yourself watching a show where the hero panics in a situation and makes their circumstances that much worse?  

Well, it’s time to be MacGyver.  Control your emotions and control your energy. 

You can turn your manic into marvelous with just a tweak of your energy and an awareness of your emotions.

Lana Bastianutti