Can you love what is?


I saw a commercial a few days ago in which an older man was cradling a newborn baby. It was obviously meant to be this man’s grandchild and as I watched, I immediately imagined myself in his place.

I wondered what I would think looking into those newborn eyes.

I wondered what I would hope for this child.

I wondered what I would wish for this child.

I wondered what wisdom I could impart to this child.

In the end, I settled upon one small wish.

I wished that this child could love all that life is…

the struggles and the victories,

the pain and the pleasure,

the sorrow and the joy,

the losses and the gains

the bleakness and the awesomeness

and everything…yes…everything in between.

As much as we fear and withdraw from suffering or uncomfortable experiences in our own personal lives, it is all of it - the good and the bad - that provides the depth and beauty to life as a whole.

A simple wish.

Loving what is.

Lana Bastianutti