Becoming Rejection-Proof

The Secret of Everything Live Event

Who hasn’t felt the sting of rejection at one point or other in their life? Whether it’s from a partner, college, team or friends. Linda Ford and I were honored to take part in this series of conversations hosted by Anne Curtis. Listen in as we talk about this thing called rejection and how we can see it differently. 💕

About ‘Becoming Rejection-Proof’:

How many times in your life have you experienced a feeling of rejection? Every wondered "why wasn't I chosen?" "why wasnt I good enough? If you're like most human beings you've probably suffered rejection many times over. In this powerful yet light hearted session Lana Bastianutti and Linda Ford share 4 take aways and 2 bonus points - about how to end that suffering - by seeing through some basic misunderstandings.

Olivia Dickson