We all have them


We all have them.

They are simply part of the human experience and serve to help navigate this thing called life. 

They define how we see ourselves in the world and how we show up as a result.

Make no mistake, however...ego is an imagined construct - imagined through our thinking.

And it is a very funny thing.

Too much ego and we become...

disconnected and separate from others as well as from our own innate well being and peace of mind. 

Too little ego and we become...

disconnected and separate from others as well as from our own innate well being and peace of mind. 

In both cases, we become ungrounded and unhinged in a way... 

believing - in the extreme - the illusion of our own created thoughts.

In one, we become inflated and believe we are more than.

In the other, we become deflated and believe we are less than.

And so, I suppose the key is to connect to the truth within...

the truth before  thought...

the place where there is simply space

and a quiet stillness.

And when we are able to do this... 

when we are able to tap into this place…

it is as if the world falls away

along with all of the







imagined identities...

and we become







at peace

with a truth so real it is impossible to deny. 

It is a warm and luscious feeling...

a precious feeling.

One that provides a glimpse into our wholeness and perfection...without thought. 

And then the inevitable happens...

as it always does.

New thought. 

And I laugh...

because in this moment

I recognize that ego has come to play again in the form of thought.

So with a chuckle, I call to mind the wise words of Yoda as I think on the persistence of ego:

"Ah, the force is strong in this one." 

And all is well because just as quickly as I move back into ego and my self-imposed identity, I can once again wake up to the truth and in doing so let go and return to a space where anything is possible.

Lana Bastianutti