Ringing in the New Year!

The Promise of a New Year

Photo courtesy of Georgia de Lotz

Photo courtesy of Georgia de Lotz

You may have noticed that the format of my weekly blog has changed over the last few weeks. For the New Year, I’ve revamped my entire website, so you may want to take a peak around here, and here and even here.

Also, as you know from last week, I’ve got a book coming out this month…very excited to share with you all. You can check out a link about the book here.

Now, onto the blog this week (and a very Happy New Year to everyone!)

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of travel for my family as we’ve driven back and forth between the States and Canada several times to celebrate the holidays (and special Birthdays) with family and friends.

Both of my daughters are home from college and will soon be returning to resume their studies and adventures.

Being ‘trapped’ in a car for hours on end actually provides an amazing opportunity to reflect on all of the things I love about my family…quirks, quarks and all.

It is also a wonderful opportunity to consider the promise and potential of a New Year.

So, let’s raise a glass and celebrate what has passed and what is to come:

Here’s to…

family who have seen us at our worst (you know those times;)

family who have seen us at our best (you know these ones as well)

Here’s to…

laughing so hard you cry

crying so hard you laugh

Here’s to…

moments when the world stood still

moments when the world spun too fast

Here’s to…

giving it everything you’ve got

being too scared to give it everything you’ve got

Here’s to…

the feeling of love that comes from within

the feeling of fear that also comes from within

Here’s to…

sharing from the heart

knowing when to share from the heart

Here’s to…

adventures that begin and end in the mind

adventures that begin with one bold step…or one baby step

Here’s to…

trying no matter the outcome

knowing the outcome doesn’t really matter…so why not try

Here’s to…

loving life…warts and all…cause in truth…it’s the whole lot of it that makes for a pretty magical life

And finally,

Here’s to…

knowing that no matter what…

you matter.

Onward 2019.

Let’s do this.

xx Lana