When Your World Shifts

What is Always Present Even when Big Changes are Afoot

Photo courtesy of Kyle Glenn

Photo courtesy of Kyle Glenn

My life is about to change drastically. In fact, the life of my husband and kids is about to change drastically. We're about to become empty nesters. My kids will soon be too far away for quick drop ins or dinners. Seriously, a continent and country away.

And we are all feeling it in our own unique ways.

My husband alternates between being a stoic taskmaster and then quietly reflective.

My youngest immerses herself in books and videos and then seeks solace through hugs and soft words.

My eldest overtly expresses her nerves through requests for absolute reassurances and guarantees that we will always be connected through regular visits and that she will always have a bedroom in our home. 

And I...well, I get busy and then I get weepy.

In each case, we are coping as best we know how, given our thinking, in that moment.

In a way, we are innocently 'running our habits' and no matter how dysfunctional they may appear, they are also reflective of our own wisdom speaking to us...seeking comfort that we know is there.

My husband puts his nose to the grind and keeps things moving along in a somewhat organized fashion. In that sense, he provides himself relief since he feels a sense of control.

That is wisdom speaking to him.

My youngest distracts herself with activities...but when she can no longer distract herself, she reaches out for the next best thing: a hug.

That is wisdom speaking to her.

My eldest moves into a worried mind...if she can account for all of the possible ramifications of every possible outcome, she can garner at least a false sense of control...and when that fails, she seeks outside assurances (I'll still have a room, right?????).

That is wisdom speaking to her.

And I busy myself with the comings and goings of life and work when I feel the overwhelming wave of change bearing down on me and I forget that it is just the energy of thought that I am experiencing in the moment. 

That is wisdom speaking to me.

What we forget, sometimes, is that wisdom is always guiding us...in every BIG moment and every SMALL moment. It is there. Ever present.

Always trying to return us to home. A place of peace and comfort within.

The BIG moments of life can seem overwhelming. They can seem too much to navigate.

It is in times like these, however, that our own innate wisdom can help guide us home.

Back to a loving feeling.

It's never very far if we get quiet and listen to our hearts.

Onward we go in this ever-changing life.

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