Life in Limbo


There are times in life that we appear to be stuck…living life in a sort of limbo.

Unsure of our next move — should we move forward? Backward? Perhaps to the side?

It can be agonizing, to say the least.

We can feel gripped by desparation to make the ‘right’ move or become distressed and overwhelmed by our lack of movement.

Often we equate our ‘stuckness’ or indecision with failure. As if not making a move unequivacally illustrates our complete lack of progress in life.

Onward and upward…right? We’ve all said that with all good intentions.

But, what if we misunderstood the gift of living in limbo?

What if there are times when living in limbo - unsure of our next step - is actually wisdom in disguise?

Difficult to fathom, isn’t it?

We seem uncomfortable with this no-man’s land…only too quick to get out of it…any way and any how. We berate and judge ourselves for our plight - sure that we must be doing something wrong.

Given our propensity to do whatever it takes to get out of an uncomfortable feeling, it comes as really no surprise that humans are the only animal who, when lost, simply move faster. All other animals intuitively know to stop and only resume when they know what to do.

And herein may lie the gift of living in limbo — our innate wisdom holding us still until we too know what to do.

Rather than dismiss, discount or judge the next time you find yourself in limbo or unsure…try holding still and see if perhaps this stillness is not the key to knowing when to take the next step.

Lana Bastianutti