Moving beyond our beliefs

Freedom lies beyond our beliefs


We are all so hard on ourselves.

We belittle ourselves

berate ourselves


burden ourselves


untruths disguised as truths.

How easy it seems to believe the worst?

This is especially true in our moments of deepest failure or struggle, fear or uncertainty.

It is within these times that we turn the knife inward and begin to eviscerate and dissect all of the ways in which we are wrong.

Wrong brain.

Wrong hair.

Wrong answer.

Wrong face.

Wrong attitude.

Wrong words.

Wrong body.

It's all just wrong wrong wrong.

And the more we make ourselves and our deeds wrong...

the more we begin to believe that we,

as a whole,

are just wrong.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Except, here's the thing.

We are not our failings or our fumbles.

We are not our struggles or our strife.

We are more than that. 

Much more.

And when we truly look inside...deep inside...we find a peaceful quiet solitude...

whose truth

shatters all of the myths and mind games that have heretofore been manipulated into belief.

For when we truly listen in this place within, 

we are reminded that

we are that

which is

beyond belief


before belief.

And when we recognize the power that our limiting beliefs have had on our lives...

how often they have

stopped us

stalled us


stumped us...

we become free to release that which no longer serves.

We become free to return to a truth that was once familiar...

long ago...when we were young...

before belief took hold

before we were so wrong.

We are

more than our thoughts

more than our beliefs

more than our body

more than our mind.

And we know this inherently within.

Perhaps you recall a moment, 

no matter how fleeting,

when you suddenly gave way to

a peace and stillness and presence and connection

that spoke to a bigger truth;

A truth that belied all thought and belief and mind and body.

A truth that spoke of a simple being-ness, if you will.

And notice if, within this place...beyond belief...

with no one looking...

you begin to smile at the truth revealed

upon reading these words:

“Oh Boy, are you ever going to laugh when you find out how perfect you were all along.” - The Universe

* Dedicated to all who may have had a tough day.

Please feel free to share with a friend who is in need of a lift.

Lana Bastianutti