A Brand New Year!

What are we not seeing?

Photo courtesy of moi

Photo courtesy of moi

Over the holidays, I visited with family and friends in Canada.

One afternoon as my family and I drove across what is affectionately known as the humming bridge, I happened to glance to my left.

In that moment, I was struck with the beauty that lay before my eyes; upon the water, admist the snow and the ice and the fog, the island ferry slid silently across the water on its way to habor. 

In that moment I was struck by how quickly it can happen;

the recognition of

beauty and life and magic and reverence.


It is all there for the taking.

This year...take the time to notice all of the miracles that reside within your own life.

See the beauty.

Feel the life.

Notice the magic.

Honor with reverence.

Happy New Year!




Lana Bastianutti