would it help?

how a question can steer you into a new thought that may serve you better

Photo Courtesy of Emily Morter

Photo Courtesy of Emily Morter

Back in 2015, my family and I saw a movie called, "Bridge of Spies."

The movie depicts the incredible spy exchange that took place at the height of the Cold War.

Although the movie was riveting in its suspense, my attention was most captured by the character of the Russian spy and his steady presence in the face of any and all circumstance.

In one salient scene, the spy's American lawyer asks, "Do you never worry?" to which the spy responds, "Would it help?"

In that one moment, the impotent nature of worry is revealed.

By doing so, the audience is invited to reflect on its' own tendency to jump onto the 'worry bandwagon' when things goes awry.

I was recently confronted with this tendency when our car was rear-ended by another car.

In the blink of an eye,

my mind flew to the future and created a dozen different worrying scenarios...

and then...

just as the feeling of worry began to take shape,

my mind settled on three little words: 

"Would it help?"

In an instant, all thought began to dissipate as my attention turned toward this question.

My choice lay in deciding which thoughts and feelings held more value to me in the moment.

I chose the thoughts that led to a feeling of calm...as did my husband and daughter and the other driver.

It would have been a far different scenario, both in mind and in reality, however, had any of us chosen otherwise.

Be safe on your holiday travels and perhaps heed those three little words when you find yourself in times of trouble.

xx Lana





Lana Bastianutti