Lie to me

another way to look at lying

As I was bopping down the road today listening to the radio, something caught my ear.

The commentator was describing a particular fantasy he covets.

Don't be concerned was a very G-rated fantasy which involved him playing the tour guide on a house tour.

Sound boring?

Not so fast.

It was actually quite intriguing.

You see...

in his tour guide fantasy he was given free reign to LIE WITH ABANDON throughout the tour due to the fact that he actually knew NOTHING about the house he was purported to be an expert in.


Upon hearing this, I revelled at both the delightful ridiculousness of this imagined scenario and the delicious treasure that was revealed by it:


As humans we have an endless and spectacular capacity to create within our minds any number of scenarios.

Given absolutely no previous information about 'any thing'...we have the innate ability to create 'some-thing' within our minds.

Remember that writing exercise in school where you were given a random picture and asked to write a story around it? (If not, just imagine being given it).

I wonder how many of the stories created turned out exactly the same.

I suspect none.

Each of us- individually - pulls together the threads of thought to create an imagined reality...whether for story or for real life.

Over and over again,

day in and day out,

hour by hour,

moment by moment,



something from nothing.

Where there was no thought

there is suddenly endless stream of thought - large and limitless in its bounty.

It is what allows a commentator to play the tour guide without pretense or practice.

It is what allows a writer to create a story on a once blank page.

It is what allows a child to place a cape upon her back and become a hero to the world.

It is also, however, what allows each of us to innocently and often unknowingly create a story...

our own story...filled with struggle and stuckness, suffering and sorrow.

It seems so real though...

surely more real than the information relayed by the fantasy tour guide to his unwitting audience.

Our saving grace is in the KNOWING that we are creating.

It is in the KNOWING that we may find solace from our struggles.

It is in the KNOWING that we may find relief from our stuckness.

It is in the KNOWING that we may find perspective in our suffering.

It is in the KNOWING that we may find laughter in our sorrow.

Peace and love

xx Lana

Lana Bastianutti