another word for resilient?


During times of grief, it can be easy to feel defeated and overwhelmed by life and its circumstances.

Within a short span of time, we have collectively experienced one natural calamity and trauma after another.

Monday morning brought with it further tragedy as the events of Las Vegas sunk in.

Once again, we find ourselves shaking our heads in sorrow and solidarity.

In the face of such destruction and grief,

how do we overcome?

how do we move forward?

how do we heal?

Perhaps, the answers we seek can be found in the spirit of the Invictus Games that had their closing ceremony this past Saturday.

Named in honor of the latin word for 'undefeated' or 'unconquered, the Invictus Games are "an international Paralympic-type multi-sport event in which wounded, injured or sick armed services personnel and their associated veterans take part in sports."

In speaking at the closing ceremony, Prince Harry, who acts as an advisor to the Games encouraged,

"Let the examples of service and resilience that you have seen inspire you to take action to improve something, big or small, in your life, for your family or in your community.
Let us create a ripple effect of the Invictus spirit across our nations that will be the real legacy of this extraordinary week."
"These games are not about gold, silver or bronze medals. They never have been. They are about the journey you and your families have made to the start line."

Prince Harry is speaking about an attribute that resides within all of us: resiliency - the ability to carry on unconquered and undefeated even in the midst of our darkest hours.

It is this quality that speaks directly to the questions of

how we overcome,

how we move forward,


how we heal.

And as we look upon the events of the last few weeks, we see resiliency personified.

We see it on the faces of the Invictus athletes who have overcome and healed from so much...and still...they move forward, undefeated and unconquered.

We see it on the faces of countless Puerto Ricans as they move debris and trees from their roadways and lift up their fellow man, woman and child.

We see it on the faces of the numerous concert goers Sunday night as they helped each other and protected each other with no regard for gender, creed, race or color.

We overcome.

We move forward.

We heal.



Lana Bastianutti