Be Seen. Be Heard. 

Women With Impact offers a new, innovative, and cutting edge solution for women who want to stand out in their work, inspire change, and communicate with more passion, presence, and impact.

We believe that when you truly and deeply know your worth, your gifts and talents will natually find full expression in the world.

As coaches we have personally met many women who are talented, smart, highly skilled, capable, and professional, and yet despite all of that, continue to hold themselves back, play small, hide out, and who are forever second-guessing themselves. We too were one of these women.

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What’s Getting In Your Way of What You Want to Do in the World?

The most common answer to this question is: I’m not confident enough; I’m afraid of criticism; I doubt my abilities; I need more training; I’m not good enough; I’m naturally shy and introverted.

Who We Work With:

We work with coaches, entrepreneurs, consultants, executives, sales people, artists, and anyone in the helping professions. These are women who have a vision for their work, and want to start taking action. They have something to share, say, teach, to inspire others with. They’re out in the world doing their work, but they feel held back by their insecurity.

We help women who want to:

Stop hiding and playing small in their work

Stop second-guessing themselves and sitting on their ideas instead of sharing them

Stop feeling under-utilized, unexpressed and restricted

Stop the self-sabotage and not feeling good enough

The Results We Offer

Increase their ability to influence, inspire, and impact others

Become more visible and vocal

Discover the power of presence

Feel congruent and aligned with their message

Discover the power of their voice and speak with authority

Feel ease, confidence, and the freedom of knowing their worth

Turn ordinary speakers into powerful communicators

Change their relationship with insecurity and being overly self-conscious

Meet Your Coaches

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Lana Bastianutti

Hi, I’m Lana. I’m a professional certified coach, author, podcaster, blogger and mentor and I love to wake women up to their own worth so that they can make an impact in their work and in their lives.

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Linda Ford

Hi, I’m Lind Ford. I’m a certified master coach, author, podcaster, and teacher. And I have a soft spot for smart, talented, and brilliant women, who, despite all of that, continue to hold themselves back in their work.