get thee to a nunnery

I've often thought how peaceful it would be to live in a nunnery.

I imagine life would be simple.

I could meditate.

I could read to my heart's content.

I could take long walks.

I could commune with nature.

I could sleep undisturbed.

I could connect with my higher self.

The world around me would spin but I wouldn't spin with it.

I would be in my own little world of peace and tranquility and calm.

I wouldn't have to deal with traffic jams, family squabbles, politics, dirty dishes, meal preparation and a multitude of other things that can sometimes make life messy.

I would exist on another level -  an esoteric philosophical level.

How do I know this?

Actually, I don't. 

This is just my fantasy - a Serenity Now go-to place of my very own when things get hectic.

After indulging in my fantasy for a bit, I quietly concede that despite being sequestered in a nunnery, I would still be left with my thoughts. 

Ah yes, thought...a cacophony of whirling dervishes determined at times to unwind, unbalance and undo me...

And I realize once again that our thoughts are something we cannot run away or hide from.

They are always just...there.

Appearing and disappearing in our mind...seemingly with a mind of their own. 

And I recall once again that it is our thinking that gives meaning to our circumstances...whether it is in a nunnery or a bustling family filled with all the emotions of the rainbow.

And truth be told...if given the choice, I would pick my messy wonderful life filled with its ups and downs and round abouts each and every time.

Addendum: Upon reflection I realize that I have a few not-so welcome thoughts about my nunnery fantasy. Namely, it comes with a lot of gardening and really early mornings...two things that I am not so good at. Sigh. See what I mean about our thoughts?

 Time for a new fantasy!


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Lana Bastianutti