Into the Woods

Lately I have been walking in the woods with a friend. The quiet noise of nature seems to encourage a raw version of myself that does not always feel comfortable.

I am the life coach. The one who is supposed to have everything together. The one who can reframe and refocus and recalibrate.

Oh yeah?

Says who?


me...except for one thing...

I don't always.

And on this particular day I was like a waterfall regaling my friend with the woes of my life...revealing  insecurities and doubts, frustrations and shortcomings.

Suddenly aware of my rawness I thought it best to acknowledge my "ugly" side - perhaps in an attempt to preserve my sense of self and so I sheepishly confessed, "You seem to get me at my worst on these walks."  

What my friend said next stopped me in my tracks;

"No. I think I get you at your best." 

With a quick intake of breath, I suddenly realized the deep truth of her words.

This is precisely what I seek and encourage from others. 

How could I not see the value of it for myself?

Why was I so reticient to reveal myself? To be vulnerable?

The "ugliness" of my insecurities and doubts and frustrations and shortcomings actually allowed for real connection and real conversation.

Raw vulnerability in all of its' "ugliness" actually gave way to beauty.

The beauty of friendship

and trust

of acceptance

and understanding

of empathy

and love.

Lana Bastianutti