I Can be Your Hero Baby... But Can You be Your Own Hero?


The amazing thing about life is that everyone has a story.

I have a story.

You have a story.

Your neighbor has a story.

Your Mom has a story.

But here’s the thing:

It’s the MEANING we give our story that determines how we feel.

So here’s my question:

What does your story mean to you?

What does it say about you and your life?

Are you the hero?

The villain?

The victim?

Are you the ‘extra’ that seems to get swept along by the events of the story. You know, the ones that are there just to react to the events that occur?

I know a lot of my clients feel this way as they’re pushed and pulled to meet the needs and demands of everyone around them.

Many of them feel invisible in their own story or feel as if the events of their life are  beyond their control, much like a roller coaster.

They simply react to what comes next.

They’re exhausted. And depleted. They may even feel numb – but not quite frozen.

So, if this is you, let me ask you…

Who would you like to be?

How would you like to feel?

What do you want your life to mean?

Lana Bastianutti