Life is good.

From the is good.

From the inside, however, there is a gnawing feeling that life could be...more.

More exciting. More alive. More fulfilling.

More YOU.

You know...the YOU that you used to be?

The one who thought nothing was impossible.

The one who was fearless and free, excited by each new day.

The one with a ready smile and an easy laugh and boundless energy.

The one who couldn't wait to change the world and make a difference.

The one who saw life as a series of grand adventures and who showed up fully;

who created joyfully and embraced new experiences and people wholeheartedly.

The one who knew there was magic and miracles all around, if only you opened your eyes.

Do you remember?

Before you went to college and had to get "real" and "serious" and "buckle down."

Before  you started work and had to get "real" and "serious" and "buckle down."

Before  you had a family and had to get "real" and "serious" and "buckle down."

That YOU is still within.

You may have heard it from time to time. 

The quiet voice that whispers...remember me?

Patiently waiting for you to wake up and return to YOU.

Igniting your passion and creativity and love and excitement and wonder at this marvelous thing called Life.

It's time to return.

It's time.

You Be You. 

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