Coaching with Impact


Coaching with Impact


Dear Coach,

You’re a great coach. You’ve had the best training. You have endless tools and strategies under your belt. You have a sincere desire to impact your client’s lives. And yet, many of your clients are still not experiencing true transformation.  They still come back with the same old problems, but in a different packaging.

Lana and I have spent years coaching clients and arming ourselves with credentials that we believed would create sustainable change in the lives of our clients, only to discover that their experience of relief and their ability to change had a short shelf life.  At best, we were giving them good coping and managing skills.

e got honest with ourselves, and asked these questions: 

  • Was our coaching really working for them (and for us)?  

  • Did transformation really require constant vigilance in managing our mind?

  • If not, what could we do that would change all of that?

These were not easy questions for us to ask, especially when we had invested so much time, energy, and money into our beloved profession. But we came to an impasse where we began to doubt the efficacy of our work with clients, however well-meaning we were.

These were dark days for us. We felt the shame and embarrassment of not being able to have the impact we desired for our clients, and of doubting our profession—of not having a thriving coaching practice.  There was something disingenuous about presenting as someone who could truly help people, when we could see that it just wasn’t working in a way that we knew deep down was possible. Something was missing.

When you lose your grounding—when you begin to doubt your tools and lose your confidence—that’s when you lose your ability to have impact in your business and the world.

Our ability to ask these questions has led us to a set of powerful principles that explain how we actually create our experience in life—to finally understand the mechanism or “operating system” by which all change occurs, not just for some, but for everyone.

orkshop Details:

  • We will meet once a week for a 90 minute webinar – Tuesdays  @ 1:00pm eastern

       (Dates: September 4/11/18--the final class will be on Monday, September 24th )

  • All classes will be recorded.

  •  Private FB forum for support and deeper discussion.

You will come away with:

  • A deep understanding and grounding of the Principles that explain how true transformation happens, and why the concept of grounding is so critical for coaches in their work with clients.

  • An understanding of the IMPLICATIONS of the Principles--how they impact our ability to experience true and lasting transformation.

  • A greater feeling of confidence, conviction, and satisfaction in your work with clients, because you will finally have something powerful and true to share with clients. 

  • Greater impact that will allow your coaching business to thrive.

  • We will meet once a week for a 90 minute webinar – Tuesdays  @ 1:00pm eastern

  • A greater understanding of how to show up with your clients with more presence, a heightened ability to listen; and how to trust your own innate wisdom to inform your sessions with clients.

  • An understanding of what exactly you will be doing with your clients.

hroughout the 4 weeks, we will augment all of our classes with videos, articles, practical exercises (some homework). 


3 Tuesdays in September

September 4th | September 11th | September 18th |

Final Class: Monday September 24

1:00pm Eastern Time

This is a one-time low offer only (pilot program).