Closing the Gap


Closing the Gap


Meet with coaches Lana Bastianutti & Linda Ford for a 4 week online course in Closing the Gap.

We will meet live once a week on a Zoom webinar for 90 minutes.

This is a new pilot program, and so we are offering it at a special low price!


It feels wonderful to have a dream or a vision for your life.  But it’s not so wonderful if you're unable to make it happen—if you find yourself continually stuck in the same old place year after year where nothing changes.

This 4 week online class is for anyone who is in that frustrating GAP.  

Whether your GAP is finding a wonderful partner in life; creating a new career; developing a thriving business; feeling more confident: or getting clear on an important decision: this class offers a fresh, new, and revolutionary approach that will empower you to understand how we are creating the lives we have, so that it becomes easier to create the one you want.

This is NOT your typical self help class where weeks are spent analyzing WHY you are in the GAP. We are not going to focus on changing your mindset through affirmations, thought management, or positive self talk. 

Rather, we believe that the true power to change, resides in understanding the mechanism by which all change happens. This workshop will introduce you to the "operating system" -- how the equipment of the mind actually works-- so that you can create the results you want. Once you see this for yourself, you'll be able to naturally and effortlessly get out of the GAP and into your life.

Workshop Details:

We’ll meet live once a week on a Zoom webinar for 90 minutes (if you can’t make it live, don’t worry all webinars will be recorded).

All you have to do is come with your very own GAP (and an open mind).

What you can expect from this workshop: 

You will:

  • Get clear on what's on the other side of your GAP.

  • Unleash your innate confidence to close the GAP.

  • Rise above fear, doubt, and your inner critic.

  • Take action without having to feel motivated or inspired.

  • Supercharge and unblock your innate creative force.

  • Experience easier relationships

  • Understand how to build momentum.

  • Wake up your ability to create the results you want.

  • Experience more ease in your work and career.

  • Know without a doubt, that you have everything you need to close the GAPS in your life.

So, if you're willing to experience true transformation, then we'd love to have you join us.


4 Mondays During the Months of October & November:

October 15th | October 22nd | October 29th | November 5th

1:00 pm Eastern Time

This is a new pilot program, and so we are offering it at a special low price!