Lana Bastianutti

I believe in laughter.
I believe in the goodness of people.
I believe music can soothe the soul.

I believe we all want to be loved. 
I believe our thoughts shape our world.
I believe change is always possible.

I believe we are more powerful than we ever imagined. 
I believe miracles happen all around us.
I believe happiness is an inside job.

I believe our life is our greatest work.



I have an undergraduate degree in psychology.
I have a Master’s degree in Industrial Relations.

I am a certified Personal and Relationship coach from the Robbins-Maddanes Coaching Program.

I am a PSYCH-K facilitator.

I have my Professional and Personal Coaching Certification from Concordia University.

I've been published academically.

I am a certified life coach from The Brooke Castillo Life Coach School.

Fun Facts


 I’ve walked on fire and climbed a 60-foot pole only to jump off (with a rope).

I had my first daughter in New York City.

I've lived in Toronto, New York City, Boston, Montreal, Greenwich and Kingston - some more than once.

I love to travel and explore...and look behind the curtain.

I could have been an archeologist. It's all about the digging...and curiosity. Still is.

I worked at the Grammy Award Show in NYC and the Latin Grammy Award Show in Miami.  I've also worked on an SNL show, Carnegie Hall and the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame.